Here is what our patients and their families say about Farley Orthodontics. Thanks everyone for your feedback!

Jake E.

The appointments are quick and easy.  Dr. Scott Farley, Jeannie, Laurel are welcoming and make it comfortable.  I actually enjoy coming to the orthodontist.

Mark E.

They make you feel comfortable right from day one.  Staff is friendly, polite, and professional.

Jill D.

Financial arrangements are very reasonable.  We are always greeted with a smile each time we arrive and a friendly goodbye after our appointment.

Suzanne B.

Financial arrangements are easy to understand and good options for making it reasonable and affordable.  The office itself is beautiful and spotless.  We are always taken on time, which is wonderful given the frequency of appointments during orthodontic treatment.  My child and I are both given clear feedback and instructions.

Heather K.

What I like best about Farley Orthodontics is the people!  My child has a very unique situation and Dr. Farley has gone above and beyond coordinating with other doctors to create a custom treatment plan for her.

Nicole S.

What I like best about the office is it’s very neat and clean, friendly, and quick appointments.

Maria M.

What I like best about Farley Orthodontics is the friendly, relaxed atmosphere and how well Dr. Farley and office staff treat my daughter. Dr. Farley is friendly and outgoing and has made my daughter feel very comfortable. We love it here and highly recommend it. Love the cleanliness of the office.

Glenn H.

All aspects of the practice are excellent. I recommend Farley Orthodontics to all my friends who discuss looking for an orthodontist.

Rick S.

Very nice office and they are good with my daughter. Keep up the good work and thanks!

Cheryl C.

My daughter says “comfy chairs.” Everything is wonderful here!

Gina P.

What distinguishes this office from others is the informal and friendly approach to all aspects of the business from walking in the door until leaving the chair. It’s nice to feel that we are treated as friends rather than the “3:45 appointment."

Debbie D.

Our experience at Farley Orthodontics included a thorough explanation of what to expect with regards to Phase II of the orthodontic process.

Mary D.

Everyone is very friendly, all work is explained to both parent and child.  Appointments are timely.  Yes, we would definitely recommend Farley Orthodontics to others and already have.

Pat M.

What we like best about Farley Orthodontics is it is clean, friendly, and very professional. I cannot speak more highly of the entire organization. Dr. Farley is professional, friendly and informative. Jeannie is a gem. She is the best receptionist we have ever encountered. Thank you very much!

Chuck S.

What we like best about Farley Orthodontics is the personalities!  It’s friendly and fun!  Super staff!

Carrie H.

Love the staff. They are very friendly and welcoming. My daughter enjoys coming for her check-ups.

Cory G.

Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful.  My daughter loves coming here.  I have found everyone to be attentive to my daughter and make her always feel special.  Sara loves Dr. Farley’s humor and thinks it’s funny how he sings! I am very pleased with every aspect of this office.

Maura G.

My daughter likes coming to your office.  The staff is friendly and the office is pretty and clean.

Dawn P.

Our experience at Farley Orthodontics has been that the office staff is very pleasant, appointments are timely and my son really looks forward to future appointments.


Karen S.

The treatment, doctor and staff, business office, timeliness of appointments, and cleanliness of the office are excellent.  I like that my daughter sees the doctor at every visit.

Macy C.

I really enjoy the friendly staff and the extraordinary service. My dad also enjoys that there is a newspaper every time we come. The treatment at Farley Orthodontics is wonderful, and when I had my braces put on, it didn’t hurt at all and I had the chance to watch what was going on during the procedure. Yes, we’ve already recommended Farley Orthodontics to friends who are in need of braces. The facility is already beyond our expectations and I love coming to my appointments every time.

Gina O.

Dr. Farley and Jeannie are very friendly and courteous and always greet you by name. They are thorough and the office is spotless. Dr. Farley is very thorough with his treatments and explanations - of what and how things will be done. When an emergency, they call back quickly and get you into the office asap. We already have recommended Farley Orthodontics to others.

Marina O.

Dr. Farley is very nice and so is the Assistant. They are good at their job. The receptionist is very nice. The office is spotless. Everyone is friendly and they know what they are doing. I tell my friends when they tell me they need braces “Go to Dr. Farley!"

Ashley P.

We like the service, nice secretary, nice doctor and other people. They worked well with us for financial arrangements. The doctor treats me well and I get my appointments on time.

Taylor M.

I like how you can brush your teeth when you want and the colors they have for braces.  I also like the cool machines.  The staff is very friendly and nice.  Also very funny!  I feel very welcomed here every time I come.

Jennifer L.

The entire staff is very friendly.  They are very timely to return any calls and are flexible if you need to reschedule an appointment or need to come in for an unscheduled visit.  The office is great!  It’s a new building – great atmosphere! Dr. Farley is so knowledgeable and friendly.  He is really great with my son.  My son really likes Dr. Farley.  We recommend anyone considering orthodontic treatment to Farley Orthodontics.

Christine S.

Everyone’s nice, office is clean, appointments convenient and on time. The financial arrangements were very reasonable, and made the braces more available. Dr. Farley explained different avenues that he might use, and was very thorough in explaining in detail what we could expect in treatment for our son. The office staff is exceptional and made sure our visits ran smoothly. We most definitely will be recommending Farley Orthodontics.

Kathy S.

I think my experience with the doctor is probably the best.  I like the cleanliness of the office.  Secretary sets up the right availability times to my schedule.  But, overall I really like it here.  Yes, of course, I recommend Farley Orthodontics to family and friends.

Elise T.

I like the smiley office and comfortable setting. The treatment is painless and quick, everyone is very friendly and make us feel welcome. Appointments are always on time or a little earlier. The office is always very clean.

Olivia B.

What I like best about Farley Orthodontics is the friendly and courteous staff (Jeannie – who knows my name). Dr. Farley explains everything in detail. The monthly payments are great. I would not have been able to afford invisalign without it. It’s been excellent!

Maria D.

It has been a great experience. Dr. Farley has always been available for questions or concerns. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Yes, we do recommend your office to others.

Karen S.

Love the location!  Love the staff!  Love, love, love the text message appointment reminder!  Financial arrangements were perfect and easy to understand.  The staff at Farley Orthodontics made us feel welcome and at ease from the moment we walked in the door.  We could not be happier with our choice and would highly recommend Farley Orthodontics.

Shannon F.

Farley Orthodontics was very accommodating for financial arrangements and understanding with our circumstances.  My son is very happy with his treatment so far.  We absolutely are recommending Farley Orthodontics to friends and family.

Doug C.

Dr. Farley has done more for Kyle’s teeth in the few months we have been here than years at another doctor. Always enjoy the friendly staff. I enjoy talking to Dr. Farley.

Rhonda S.

Farley Orthodontics is a clean, beautiful office with modern technologies.  They have a very friendly staff – always welcoming. Dr. Farley took his time with us by explaining the treatment process very completely during our initial consultation.  I loved the panoramic x-rays/computer visualization and explanation.  Jeannie is always friendly, smiling and helpful.

Lorene D.

The staff and doctor are very nice and professional.  They try to work with the patient's schedule and needs. The staff and doctor made my daughter very comfortable because she was nervous at first but was fine once they started the treatment.  Yes, we are recommending Farley Orthodontics to others.

Mary R.

What we like is that everyone is very friendly. We found there were many helpful and reasonable financing options. Also, calling the office is always pleasant and making appointments is very hassle-free.

Tom M.

So far our experience has been fantastic. The doctor and staff are amazing. Yes, we definitely have recommended Farley Orthodontics to family and friends.

Dave & Kristina S.

Our experience has been that the staff and Dr. Farley are very outgoing and friendly. We have already recommended Farley Orthodontics to several friends and family.

Matthew V.

The orthodontist is really nice. You can call whenever for an emergency. The office is really nice. The employees greet you every time you come in.

Kelly G.

My son said “My treatment was painless because Dr. Farley was very gentle. Now I am not afraid because Dr. Farley showed me how easy it is.”  I have already recommended Farley Orthodontics to family and friends.

Terri W.

The office is beautiful. They make us feel very welcomed and my daughter’s sister too  The office is clean and beautifully decorated. We also like that we are “in and out”.

Tom F.

We really like that the atmosphere is very modern and friendly. We found the financial arrangements to be very reasonable and full doable. It’s a great office.

Wendy L.

What we like best about the office is it’s clean, very friendly, and we don’t have to wait very long. Everything is excellent.

Laurie J.

Our experience at Farley Orthodontics is that the office is very friendly.  They are very flexible with no surprises.  The waiting period is very reasonable.